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Get custom designs and high-quality crafted prototypes. Our Full Development Services are all-inclusive, encompassing the entire design process from the initial idea to a finished product. Development services include:

  • Apparel Development (All-inclusive from design to finished, production-ready fit samples.)
  • Customized Blanks (We offer an elevated blank program and can develop any number of basics, active wear, or promo gear, including tees, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, lounge wear, jackets and activewear.)
  • Design Development (We move you from concept to a design package ready for prototyping and sampling.)
  • Fabric Sourcing (We offer consultation, sourcing, and custom textile manufacturing.)
  • Pattern making
  • Prototypes
  • Samples

Cut & Sew

Have a design in mind already? Fabric already picked out? Unlimited Sewing Workshop can put your line together with our Cut and Sew services! This package includes: Production Cutting, Samples and Duplicates Cutting, as well as Sewing of Production, Sample, and Duplicates Fabrics. We also offer flexible production minimums.

Full Package

If you’re looking to supply your clothing boutique or store with the latest style trends of quality design, you’ll want Full Package Apparel Production. This package encompasses the clothing manufacturing process from start to finish so that your order is ready to sell as soon as it arrives to you. Our custom packages include: Fabric and Trim Sourcing, Marking and Grading, Fabric Cutting, Samples and Duplicates Sewing, Finishing, Quality Control, Tagging (e.g., Labels, Bar Codes), Fold, Bag and Pack.

About Us

Unlimited Sewing Workshop is a renowned wholesale producer and clothing manufacturer of a variety of textile goods. We supply many businesses with a variety of products, including swimwear, undergarments and activewear, and even protective face masks. We are capable of tackling every step of the manufacturing process, from design to execution to sale, thanks to our years of valuable experience in the industry.

Our Story

Unlimited Sewing Workshop got its start in 2014 from humble beginnings— a laundry room inside the Naples apartment of founders Fredi and Patricia Rodriguez. Before all of this, however, was decades of experience. Fredi, now a master tailor, got his start at the age of 12 in the Dominican Republic, where he took up sewing. As he grew, so did his passion and expertise for sewing, and his ever expanding portfolio allowed him to tackle any project— from men’s suits, to ballet dresses and swimwear, to even the repair of run-down bus seats as part of a vehicle donation to a local church. From this, Fredi gained a reputation as a versatile sewing master.
Later, the couple spent their early careers travelling overseas to set up clothing factories around the globe, including throughout Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and as far as India. With the lofty goal of enabling their factories to produce 40,000-50,000 pieces weekly ready for shipment to the US, Fredi and Patricia quickly learned what it takes to create an effective and efficient working environment.

In 2010, after 15 years, their next (and last) project was set in Haiti after the devastating earthquake from earlier that year, bringing jobs to many of its citizens in need. After this, Fredi and Patricia decided it was time to retire from this and switch gears. As young parents, they had already spent much of their lives developing strong careers that would enable them to settle down in one spot, raise their family, and grow a thriving business of their own. And thus, Unlimited Sewing Workshop was born.

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For experienced, full-service clothing manufacturers of quality craftsmanship, call Unlimited Sewing Workshop. We work with many satisfied clients throughout the USA. Call to set up your order today!

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Why choose us

When picking the right clothing manufacturers and wholesale supplier for your business’ clothing inventory, there are a few characteristics that should stand out among others. You want someone with years of experience, someone who can supply you with clothing of the highest quality, and someone flexible who can tailor their skills to your needs. Each of these characteristics is what Unlimited Sewing Workshop excels in.


Unlimited Sewing Workshop has been in business since 2014, but our experience in the textile manufacturing industry goes even further. Our founder, Fredi Rodriguez, has been developing his sewing skills since the age of 12, and later, alongside his wife, Patricia, they spent 15 years establishing successful textile factories throughout the world, with weekly outputs of 40-50,000 pieces.


Quality clothing comes in two forms: style and durability. Unlimited Sewing Workshop specializes in both. Our services encompass the manufacturing process from start to finish, from design, to production, to shipping. We have successfully worked with many clients to create pieces that fit their business’s brand and needs perfectly!


Our product capabilities range widely, from face masks to swimwear, a testament to our flexibility in clothing manufacturing. Lead by our founder, Fredi, a master tailor, we are able to tackle any project, from creating luxury men’s suits, to flowy ballet dresses for little ones.

Popular Products We Manufacture


People are starting to shop for bathing suits or sort through their old bathing suits because summer is almost here. This time of year inspires many people to find a swimsuit that they can feel confident in and comfortable in at the same time. Unlimited Sewing Workshop is a swimwear wholesaler that is excited to share everything about our bathing suits. Our wholesale swimwear suppliers work diligently to make sure that you wear the most comfortable bathing suit that is also the most flattering to your body type. We want you to feel confident with your body, and our bathing suits certainly do the trick. Our team has years of experience producing high-quality items that will last you for years, so you do not have to sort through all of your swimwear in hopes of finding one that fits you well. We have been producing swimwear throughout Miami for years, and we want you to experience what we have to offer as well.

More About Our Swimwear Wholesaler

We want you to be fully informed about our swimwear so you can be your most confident self this summer at the beach or by the pool. Swimwear is one of our main specialties, so we love producing products for those who are interested. It is important to embrace all parts of your body, and we can fabricate a bathing suit that suits your figure perfectly. There are many stores out there that sell bathing suits, and they claim to have styles for all body types, but many people find themselves struggling to find one that is right for them. We do not want you to have this struggle, which is why we offer every style that you can think of, along with custom designs for you specifically. We provide many options, from simple string bikinis to bright colors and unique shapes. Plus, we sell the most current trends that will make you excited to wear your swimwear in front of everyone. We make sure that our swimwear adheres to your body shape, so it is more flattering than ever.

We Stand Out

There are many reasons why our company stands out compared to others. For one, you will have an amazing experience if you work with us because the founder has been working with these ideas since he was twelve years old. We have established a company that thrives on helping customers and creating at the same time. Also, we offer high quality, so you will not have to replace our products often. Plus, our items are highly flexible and comfortable to wear, so you will never feel restricted.

Work Together

You can come to us with the idea that you have for an item with your own material and vision. We will make your dream swimwear come to life, so stop searching for a swimwear wholesaler near me when we are here to help.

Contact Us

There is no better place to purchase your swimwear this summer than from Unlimited Sewing Workshop in Miami. Our swimwear wholesaler offers the best bathing suits for all body types and personal styles, so you will never be disappointed. Your confidence will skyrocket in our bathing suits, so call or visit us today if you are interested!

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Though typically unseen by most, undergarments are essential pieces of clothing for men and women of all ages. Though some like to add a little personality to everything they wear, what most people consider especially important when buying undergarments is comfort, durability, and affordability. If the pieces you sell are both comfortable and long-lasting, many buyers are willing to chip in a little more for quality. Be the store your customers can turn to for comfy, affordable undergarments that will last them a long time with our wholesale undergarment lines from Unlimited Sewing WorkShop.
With our vast experience in mass production apparel manufacturing, we have perfected the ability to craft well-made, comfy garments on large scales for any sized orders. Our range of undergarment products includes underwear, briefs, bras, bralettes, socks, hosiery, undershirts, and more!

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One of the latest additions to our product lines is the production of face masks. With the onset of the coronavirus and uncertainty of how long its effects will last, we are slowly adapting to a new norm of social distancing. This includes taking certain extra precautions, such as wearing face masks in each other’s presence in public, to mitigate the virus’ spread.
This means that as preventive actions remain in place for even longer than expected, the demand for fresh new face masks grows. Many businesses are making changes to help with these precautions, including adding face masks to their inventory. If you are one of these businesses, you’ll need a supplier with quick turnaround, capable of producing large numbers of affordable masks, without sacrificing the quality needed to keep people safe. Unlimited Sewing Workshop has seen the devastating effects of the growing pandemic, which is why we are using our many years of experience to make wholesale face masks a reality.

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Wholesale or Dropshipping?

Many businesses go the traditional route of buying from wholesalers when it comes to attaining their supply. For those with the storage space, it can be a sensible option. But it’s not the only option when working with apparel manufacturers.

Unlimited Sewing Workshop also offers Dropshipping. Dropshipping facilitates the buying process between your business and the customer, reducing up front inventory costs and shipping logistics. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Your customer finds a piece they love on your website and places an order.

Step 2:

This order is automatically sent from your website directly to your wholesaler.

Step 3:

Your wholesaler prepares the order for you and ships it out directly to your customer!

If you run an online store, not only is the Dropshipping process much easier than storing and sending out your orders yourself, it is also friendlier on the environment— rather than wasting money and gas shipping the order first from our facility to your storage space, then once again out to the customer, we are able to cut that middle step and save some natural resources!

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